Matka Chowk

The Mogae Group has had the proud privilege of maintaining and beautifying the largest chowk (roundabout) in Chandigarh. The chowk covers an area of 24,000 square feet and is the intersection between Sectors 17/16/10/9.

In 2021, Mogae got an approval from the Chandigarh Administration and the Heritage Committee to create a landmark installation at Matka Chowk that would enhance the skyline of the City Beautiful.

Hence was born the installation called “Murmurations”. Murmurations is inspired by the migratory birds that visit the Sukhna Lake every year. The installation bearing 300 birds and covering a total of 2000 square feet has been designed after a meticulous understanding of the context, site, vistas and the heritage values of the chowk. It rises from 18’inches and towers up to 18 feet. The Matka Chowk installation has already become one of the landmarks of Chandigarh.

The chowk is being maintained by The Mogaé Group and The Kailasham Trust.

The Mogaé Group supports and sponsors The Nicest Boy in St John’s School award, which is given to one student each from junior, middle and senior school, in the memory of Ranvijay Singh, a classmate of Mogae chairman Dr Sandeep Goyal.

The entire school, including teachers and support staff vote for the boy they think puts self before others in the service of humanity.

The award is now in its 15th year.

The Nicest Boy in St John’s School Chandigarh.

St. John’s International All India School Debate

Mogae Chairman Dr Sandeep Goyal created an Endowment of Rs. 1 crore at St John’s School.

The Endowment supports the St John’s International Debate that has today become the best school debate in the country. More than 100 schools apply to participate in the debate every year.24 of them are eventually invited to send in their school teams for the annual two day event.

Luminaries like Kapil Sibal and Manish Tewari, have served as jury members while Director General of Police, Subodh K Jaiswal and Ambassador Manpreet Vohra have been Chief Guests at the debates.

The Mogae Group is putting up a Solar Tree at a prominent roundabout at Patiala in the memory of Mrs. Shanta Dhablania. The Tree shal be inaugurated on Baisakhi day, 2023.

The Green Solar Tree at Patiala.